March 2011


We look at them everyday and at times they look either pretty or pretty bland. In fact, the y pose the power to tease your creativity for you to inspire others. Still life in everyday items are often regarded as boring to shoot but we had a plan to use one remedy… simplicity. Now, we all have the habit to shop – from home deco, cutlery, food stuff and heck, even stuff we hardly use. Fact is, we are all guilty of our habits, the men and their gadgets, cars or simply at the bar enjoying their favourite bourbon and the women folk with all things pretty and you can’t say otherwise without getting a ‘death stare’. Now that we’ve got all these stuff (and always with the desire somewhere secretly in the back of our minds to get more), it’s high time for these reward you back. Yes you’ve probably work to get them and the final mile is to work a little harder to photograph them to make them work for you in return – sounds like a lot of work eh? probably not – hence, we applied our ‘simplicity’ rule to make all things boring look good, just as the product and brands made it look good for you to purchase them in the first place.


Camera, flash attached with a snoot & honeycomb, to direct the light onto a single spot on a light stand, a tripod, black and white either cloth or paper backdrops (velvet cloth is best). Set your backdrop on a table against a wall and drape the wall and the table with your desired backdrop, duct tape them in place, place your light on either side depending on you subject. Sync your camera & you flash. Position your subject, light and camera for desired result. Shoot away with a cable release & if you don’t have one, use the timer, ultimately to minimize shakes.