October 2010



Full Circle’s Sanjitpaal Singh is seen here conducting a variety of photography workshops; Macro photography (Nature), Macro photography (Creative), Nature and Wildlife Photography and Basic Photography for kids, etc.


Though he has experience working as a travel writer and photographer, he is most passionate about wildlife photography. Interestingly, for years this young photographer did not own a camera of his own. Today he is sponsored by Olympus Malaysia.

A gifted photographer, Sanjit has received much recognition for his artistic work through photography contests such as:

1)      Malaysian Nature Society’s Raptor Watch’s Wildframe Photography Contest 2008

2)      World Lupus Day, Anything Butterfly 2007 (Merit Award)

3)      BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 (Semifinalist)

4)      BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2006 (Semifinalist)

5)      Winner for the best photograph, in the ‘One Earth Award’, The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award 2008, hosted by the National Zoo.



Catch Sanjit’s talk this Sunday at 11.30am at Mid Valley!

He will be presenting his talk in regards to his photographic journey through Danum Valley. Here’s some pictures of Sanjit’s previous talks at the KLPF.



Our good friends from Olympus called us some time ago and said that we had some serious testing to do. A new and what I would consider as one of the most ‘hardcore’ top of the line DSLRs they’ve ever produced. Indeed, with that warning in mind, we ripped the streets with total creative freedom in minimal time.

How did we do it?

Use a phone – We buzzed a couple of friends and they rocked as models. We also had behind the scenes crew that offered help from ‘borrowing’ shopping carts, climbing trees, shooting the behind the scenes, hosing down a model and being drenched in water for more than 2 hours!

Use of brains – Given total creative freedom we figured to produce an advertising style image for this ‘monster’ of a camera and since it was still an IP set, we worked our way around a couple of kinks to achieve what you see here.


We geared up with the Olympus E-5, a wide zoom lens, a tele zoom lens and a standard 50mm lens, a tonne of batteries of all sorts, tripods, lighting stands, reflectors, two electronic flashes & a circus troop of friends. We sandwiched ‘the victims / models’ between the lights and messed with the reflector when necessary. Very basic photography with brilliant outcomes!

e-5 diagramOne of our models’ feedback:

“I was the poor victim destined to be drenched. Well, I did agree to it! The shoot is not as easy as it looks for the model cause it was done at night and when they stopped pouring/hosing water on to me, between shots when the photographer was busy previewing his shots, it felt so very cold! Prune looking fingers happen very quickly too and it can look ugly in the picture, so make sure if you do this, make it a short shoot! Keeping your eyes open when there is water being poured on you is very difficult. So, I kept my eyes closed until I was asked to open them, just for the shot. But with eyes closed, it still turned out pretty well!”

A project by: 

Sanjitpaal Singh

Nik Muhammad Hafiz

Ravinder Kaur

Suzane Samy

Sarah Rahman

Mahayon Rosli




Our favorite wildlife photographer, Sanjitpaal Singh has recently been bestowed the honor of being one of the very few people to handle the latest Olympus DSLR E-5, before it hits the Malaysian market.

Due to arrive in November 2010, this camera was put to the test by Sanjit and this time, there were no wildlife involved! Gasp! That’s right. Sanjit attempted something different instead.  All we can say is that there was lots of water and women. Interesting eh? 😉

Here’s a sneak preview to what is upcoming. Stay tuned, we’ll be putting up lots of pictures and reviews on the Olympus E-5. If you want more, make sure you head down to the Kuala Lumpur Photo Fest 29th to 31st October 2010, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, to attend a talk by Sanjit for his reviews on the E-5.




Born and raised in Petaling Jaya, Nik Muhammad Hafiz, better known as Nik among his peers, is an avid, versatile and passionate photographer for many years. He is the principal photographer for Applemint Studio but he enjoys collaborating on photography projects with Full Circle.

 He is also the founder of a group, called “Phondok Photography” which he created in Facebook as a channel for other photographers to share and exchange knowledge, at the same time creating more opportunities for themselves. The group currently has 800 members and is growing rapidly. What started as a hobby 8 years ago, he has now built into a career.

Nik has had the experience of taking photographs for numerous important events such as weddings, religious ceremonial events, private and corporate functions, tertiary education convocations, product shots, food shots, musical events, modeling and many others. 

Due to his deep passion for photography, he is keen on sharing his knowledge and experience with others. To date, he has conducted 2 photography camps organized by Perbadanan Putrajaya – Basic Photography and Wedding Photography, each a 2 days 1 night event for a total of 200 participants. In November 2010, he will be conducting a 3rd camp under the same organizer due to the overwhelming response and feedback from the first 2 camps.

He had also conducted a 2 days ‘Basic Photography’ workshop at University Malaya and for the high school students of Sekolah Menengah Bandar Tun Husin Onn. He believes constant coaching can help new photographers to grow therefore he personally conducts regular revision classes with his former students from his camps including one on one personal coaching from time to time. Through “Phondok Photography” he also conducts online coaching for his former students and also for other photographers.

Twice in year 2010, he was invited by Perbadanan Putrajaya to be the judge for “Appreciation Biodiversity Lake and Wetland of Putrajaya” and “Floria Nature Photography Competition”. His work has also been published by a local newspaper ‘The Star’ for photographing food.

Here is just some of his best work. Enjoy!


Sun, surf and sand! These are just some of the pictures from acorporate shoot, taken by Sanjit for Bubu Long Beach Resost for their promotional use; websites and brochures.





Adventurously, we hopped on a 3rd class train coach (tickets to 1st and 2nd class were sold out) to head to Ayutthaya, Thailand from Bangkok. The train ride was most uncomfortable due to the hard wood seats and little leg room. The back rest were 90° straight up! It was no wonder that the 1st and 2nd class seats were sold out.

We had made plans to visit at least ten ancient ruins in Ayutthaya. We stayed at a lovely home stay called ‘Neverland Place’ (www.neverlandplace.com). Had the best Tom Yum ever, made by the friendly owner of that cozy little home stay. We hired a ‘tuktuk’ for 1000 bhats for the whole day and over the week we spend hours at each of these magnificent ruins.

Though these temples are now in ruins, oddly we felt peaceful and calm, a feeling one would get when present at a place of worship. Perhaps years of sincere meditation by the monks still resonates through these ancient ruins.


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