Adventurously, we hopped on a 3rd class train coach (tickets to 1st and 2nd class were sold out) to head to Ayutthaya, Thailand from Bangkok. The train ride was most uncomfortable due to the hard wood seats and little leg room. The back rest were 90° straight up! It was no wonder that the 1st and 2nd class seats were sold out.

We had made plans to visit at least ten ancient ruins in Ayutthaya. We stayed at a lovely home stay called ‘Neverland Place’ ( Had the best Tom Yum ever, made by the friendly owner of that cozy little home stay. We hired a ‘tuktuk’ for 1000 bhats for the whole day and over the week we spend hours at each of these magnificent ruins.

Though these temples are now in ruins, oddly we felt peaceful and calm, a feeling one would get when present at a place of worship. Perhaps years of sincere meditation by the monks still resonates through these ancient ruins.


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  1. NikMuhdHafiz says:

    i hope to make it for the next trip 🙁

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