The setting was perfect for TV host, radio presenter, actor, singer, martial arts enthusiast, explorer, daredevil, NIKE flow-rider, emcee, diver – this makes Azura Zainal, Malaysia’s (extremely busy) celebrity hard to catch. But we’ve managed to catch up with her, wake her up at 6am on a December morning to stomp the streets of Kuala Lumpur strutting her personality on a fun photoshoot.

azura 005

Though we all secretly harboured feelings of annoyance towards Sanjit (That’s me) for getting us up early…  it all faded away when the golden rays of light illuminated the streets of Kuala Lumpur. To bathe in the light of the golden hour was indeed worth the efforts of rising early on a Saturday morning. We hardly stayed put in one area… we stormed the streets of Kuala Lumpur in search of unique locations (Well, we also had to keep moving to dodge the city security).

azura 000

Furthermore, we woke up her husband, Cris to assist us with the shoot. Cameras in the bag – we’re off!

How did this all come about? I’ll spare the historical details – lets just say we’re ol’ family friends reacquainted. I’ve always looked up at Azura – her persona and live wire personality makes her one (heckofa’) firecracker of a lovely lass – the kind that is always fun to work with.

azura 013

We also managed to get down and personal (it’s not everyday we get to pick the brains of a celeb) and asked Azura some personal questions and some on her philosophy.

1. Is freedom more important than money

“To me it’s equally important because when you have money, your life is better and it gives you the freedom to do the things that you love. But it doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of money, just enough for you to have the freedom you want.”

2. You as a personal brand – how did ‘your successes’ come about

“This is really tough for me to answer because i always ask myself whether i am successful already?? What makes a person successful? Are you successful when you have a lot of money? or when you have hundreds of thousands of followers on your social media?? How do you define success? I just recently had this conversation with my sister and she always tells me that I am too critical and i judge myself too much and too hard! And she is right! So for the longest time i always thought i have not reached any successes. But after publishing a book, a guidebook to help aspiring presenters who want to follow in my foot-steps, it hit me! That’s one of the successes i have.:)  This book is definitely a huge way to give back to the society and am really blessed to be able to share my knowledge! So coming back to the question, my successes certainly came from the continuous support i had and still have from the fans, the people who believe and support the things that i do because without them i would never be where I am today! It’s team-work right there!”

azura 002


3. Setbacks of being a celebrity 

“Here’s the thing, i have never considered myself as a celebrity. Im just a person just like you, doing something that i love but the difference is, people get to see and hear what i do…so to be honest, i have never experienced any kind of setbacks…call me lame but it’s the truth!”

4. your point of view towards todays generation to live a healthy (for a happy) life

“I see a lot of people now are very concern about their health and it’s great that some of them are actually taking action. Whether people do it for health, beauty or to show off, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are doing something about it. I believe that it’s important for you to live a healthy life now, because for me , I workout to actually prepare myself for the future when i get older. I want to still be able to jump the way i do now and when I’m older. :)”

azura 009

5. As the face and voice to everyone that you represent living in the age where ‘community is king’ – how do you handle public attention.

“Hehehe I still get very shy whenever people stop me to take photos and say hello. I never have problems with handling public attention, because whenever people stop or say hello, they always seem like they’ve known me like forever so automatically it makes me think that maybe i do know them….too…from somewhere….so yeah…i hope i make sense. So public attention is not an issue for me, i handle them like they are my friends. :)”

6. Framing your goals (what have you achieved and what have you recently set out to achieve)

“Everybody has goals, every year i set out some goals but i never achieve it! Like since 3 years ago i keep telling myself that i must produce at least 1 show a year, and that never happen. But i do have the proposal and i did go to see some people to kinda get the ball rolling, but it never pulled through because I’m always taken away for my travel show. But whats funny is that the goals that are not on my list actually happened. Like being a radio announcer and having a book with my name on it! How bizarre is me that really showed me GOD knows best! So yea, the highlight for me this year is actually holding and having my guidebook out for everyone to learn a little bit from me about tv and radio presenting. It’s my way of giving back to the fans.

azura 014

For this year, my goal is to start being a trainer in my field, am lucky because my sister Zarina is a Professional Trainer and she will guide me in this new career path. I planning to have workshops on TV Presenting and Radio Announcing for people who want to learn more about what i do. Its great because with the book out, it will be easier for people to relate. So crossing my fingers that happens soon.”

7. (Azura’s personal message)

“Thank you so much for all your continuos support. I really really appreciate it. As cliche as i may sound, but this is the honest truth, Without you i wouldn’t be where i am today and i want you to know that you make me better at what i do! So THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you! And don’t forget to always believe in all that you do, dream big and don’t forget to get my book! hahahahaha MUCH LOVE!”

azura 012

Though it may seem like awhile since we’ve been photographing human beings – the truth is, we’ve been more at it than anything else that we shoot. All in all, it was a great day, a good fun shoot, shared many laughs – everyone went home tired and filled the air with ‘zzz’s’ – Cris & I have become camara!

It was a pleasure to photograph Azura, and we look forward to more fun shoots such as this. Thanks Chris, for helping us with the reflectors too!

Cheers Azura, Cris & Ravin – you gals (& guy) Rock!

azura 008

Do check out her new book: Azura Zainal’s Guide to Radio and TV Hosting here 


Azura Zainal


Cristiano Genuino

Camera Woman: Ravinder Kaur 

Photos & Post: Sanjitpaal Singh
Camera: Nikon D7100, 17-55, 70-200, SU-8, SB910 (2pcs), lighting stands, reflector

Oh yea… here’s the BTS Video… 

… and more images from the shoot here


“Missed it all cause they could not have been captured with merely a 70-200 lens”


It was supposed to be a routine day – a couple hours on flight, a couple hours on the road to our destined location and then take in the possibility of endless hours on boats and on foot hiking through a pristine limestone forests deep in Borneo. That was the plan.

Though it was a short two night expedition through the Kinabatangan river, there were more than many unexpected surprises from this somewhat over 500km river. Gleaming with life, this is the most immaculate places (in my books) for wildlife photography. Countless species of aves, mammals, reptiles and amphibians found here almost resemble paradise, an untouched land depicted by ancient travellers, where wildlife thrive without knowing the existence of man. Some of the great wildlife here includes hornbills, various kingfishers, darters, raptors, elephants, proboscis monkeys, orang utans, and saltwater crocks. Truly a wildlife Photographers heaven.




Though it was a shame to have missed out photographing the star subjects – it was a spectacular delight to have witnessed a large crock splash into the river with great might, elephants grazing in the fading light and proboscis monkeys feeding in the canopy – all from the safety of our small boat. Missed it all cause they could not have been captured with merely a 70-200 lens (slap forehead!)

I’m not sure when i will be back there again (hopefully soon) – all in all, it was a great ‘reccee’ trip to immerse & sample the richness of biodiversity in the Malaysian rainforest with wildlife conservationists that truly care for the greater good of our natural heritage.






Sometime back in November 2012, some of my dreams came true – to use a medium format camera, take it outdoors and simply go wild with it! (And return it in one piece)… blown away by its image quality from my 8MP cameras – I set out to gain more from the Phase One 645AF fitted with Schneider 80mm LS f/2.8 & the P30+ digital back

 I’ve always had (and still have) a fond admiration with water – its colossal force carves and shapes the earth from the highlands to the sea, and the forest surrounded by freshwater gleams with life. Its majesty in view at lakes and the ocean transcends and soothes the human mind – the endless open space. Water – the lifeblood of our heartland.

 This fascinating facet that surrounds us gives not only life and provides us with the essential for everyday use, apart from the adrenalin rush to adventure seekers – as an adventurous photographer myself, it’s the movement, the sense of calmness and intricate details from which surrounded by water, eclipsed in one frame to bring home the emotions of this great force.

Photographed with PhaseOne –


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Join Athena Carey (2012 IPA winner) and Sanjitpaal Singh (2012 IPA winner) for a photowalk as they discover the wonders of Malaysia’s Natural Heritage – strutting on their cameras and doing what they do best. This time around, they’re inviting you to experience photography with them. Furthermore, they will be giving away a couple of goodies.

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Athena Poster - 2

Join Athena Carey (2012 IPA winner) and Sanjitpaal Singh (2012 IPA winner) for a photowalk as they discover the wonders of Malaysia’s Natural Heritage – strutting on their cameras and doing what they do best. This time around, they’re inviting you to experience photography with them. Furthermore, they will be giving away a couple of goodies.

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Join Athena Carey (2012 IPA winner) and Sanjitpaal Singh (2012 IPA winner) for a photowalk as they discover the wonders of Malaysia’s Natural Heritage – strutting on their cameras and doing what they do best. This time around, they’re inviting you to experience photography with them. Furthermore, they will be giving away a couple of goodies.

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I’ve always been charmed by places of worship. It’s cultural resemblance to the country, the spiritual connection and ancient architectural styles. Furthermore, being Asian, superstition binds society alike regardless of ethnicity.

The temples of the Angkor area number over one thousand, ranging in scale from nondescript piles of brick rubble scattered through rice fields to the magnificent Angkor Wat, said to be the world’s largest single religious monument. Many of the temples at Angkor have been restored.

Angkor had been the largest preindustrial city in the world, with an elaborate system of infrastructure connecting an urban sprawl of at least 1,000 square kilometres (390 sq mi) to the well-known temples at its core.

The Angkor Wat complex was built by a Khmer king around 1,150 AD, required thousands of laborers and hundreds of tons of sandstone to complete over a 40-year period. A symbol of national pride – Angkor Wat, considered the Sixth Wonder of the World.

Today, it contains the magnificent remains of the different capitals of the Khmer Empire, from the 9th to the 15th centuries. The influence of Khmer art, as developed at Angkor, was a profound one over much of South-East Asia and played a fundamental role in its distinctive evolution.

Its history tells of hard work and perseverance, truly a place for inspiration.


Having travelled to this part of the country a couple of times now on business relations, sourcing images grinding the ‘un-usual’ work schedule, this time about FULLCIRCLE seeks out the a different perspective amidst the paddy-field lifestyle town.

Cheers to Olympus E-P3!


A trip up north Malaysia is always worth the photographers miles for wide open spaces. Its quaint 2-storey town bustles with travelers to the island Langkawi – but we were there for its solitude and hot sun apart from its rice fields, with colours that change during seasons of harvest, fiery sunsets and fishing villages.

Cheers to Olympus E-P3!


He’s always aspired to be part of the elite. With various media coverage and shoots almost in all parts of Malaysia. He’s constantly on the prowl, and ever constantly wishing he’s out ‘there more’ often, hunting to photograph the best of Malaysian wildlife. Sanjit was hunted down for a special feature in the May issue of Persian Tourist Monthly (

Persian Tourist Monthly – Vol04, No41, May2011

Persian Tourist Monthly – Vol04, No41, May2011

Online edition here…