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It was approaching the weekend and our fabulous friends from The Expat Group (TEG) buzzed us on the intention of shopping. Not really our daily diet of gears and gizmos for our cameras but more on to photographing the result show of ‘Truly a Shopper’.

The show, being Malaysia’s first reality TV show on shopping, is almost any shopaholics dream come true. All you need to do is shop. The catch is to have its contestants to undergo tasks that challenge their shopping skills, where factors such as budget, strategy, discount, taste and fashion will be put to the test. Twelve contestants battled it out for six weeks (six episodes) until we were there for the grand finale.

Held at Celsius Restaurant + Bar KL, the event was studded with various sponsors, celebrities and cheers from the crowd. (view full sponsors list here…

Hat’s off to TEG being the official media sponsor and inviting us for the show! (


…Usually are hit on the pitch, but when the entire world is your playing field, then you are the master of your own game.

Our rocking and rolling brother Yeng ( got hitched recently and we’re the ‘unofficial’ shooters for the party. Though we prepped up with the glidecams and magic-rams for the pre-wedding shoot (Feb 2011) at a nearby (nearby depending which part of the world you’re from) park before the (April 2011) traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and later that evening was the grand finale at the most decorated garden dinners ever realized.

Fortunately for us, we were there to take in the atmosphere, to be with the greatest people of whom we love the most, and finding ourselves shooting more of the ‘shooters’ rather than working the gear.

All in the good spirit of fun and the familia – Thank you for the most memorable moments of our lives… HOMERUN!!!

Congrats!!! Yeng & Ade (


What happens when your eldest bro, Wheel Love ( extraordinaire and a spunky inked artist ( gets hitched? You are sure to have lots of smiles and echoing laughter in the registrar department, the best of company and truly the best of times.

Congratulations to the newly weds!… Keats & Lynda.