July 2011


For all of the aspiring photographers glued in front of the computer screen more than behind the lens, we know how you feel. We’ve spent much time behind one screen than the other and figured we mess with some light. We wanted to jig it as much as possible and shoot right into the sun. Should that have been the case, it would have confused the camera autofocus mechanism, and the eye behind the lens – which was exactly what we were looking for. We were also looking for some outdoor portraiture and we threw that in the mix as well.

The much anticipated morning unfolded with loads of coffee, OJ and a wondrous splash of colours from the illustrious Ming Wong (truly an amazing artist). A couple of hours down and we’re battling the fast approaching mid-day sun. Though we were strained for time, we maximized of frames and it was back to the computer screen.

Hats off to Ming Wong (bombshellbomb@gmail.com) for sticking it out with us from the very beginning and being on site for styling till the end.


The idea is pretty simple. Shoot a model against the light and fill in some light and bounce it back onto the model with a reflector. A tricky affair indeed yet its best exposures are rewards of wiping off the sweat off your brow.

Shot with Olympus E-3 with 12mm-60mm, 25mm, 50mm lenses + FL50R hooked up to a lighting stand & a shoot-through umbrella. We also replaced the umbrella with a soft box at times.

Model: Latifah Shafie

Makeup & Styling: Ming Wong

Assisted by: Ravinder Kaur (my lovely wife who’s always sticking up with my crazy ideas)

Photos: Sanjitpaal Singh


He’s always aspired to be part of the elite. With various media coverage and shoots almost in all parts of Malaysia. He’s constantly on the prowl, and ever constantly wishing he’s out ‘there more’ often, hunting to photograph the best of Malaysian wildlife. Sanjit was hunted down for a special feature in the May issue of Persian Tourist Monthly (touristmy.com).

Persian Tourist Monthly – Vol04, No41, May2011

Persian Tourist Monthly – Vol04, No41, May2011

Online edition here…



…Usually are hit on the pitch, but when the entire world is your playing field, then you are the master of your own game.

Our rocking and rolling brother Yeng (wl33.com) got hitched recently and we’re the ‘unofficial’ shooters for the party. Though we prepped up with the glidecams and magic-rams for the pre-wedding shoot (Feb 2011) at a nearby (nearby depending which part of the world you’re from) park before the (April 2011) traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and later that evening was the grand finale at the most decorated garden dinners ever realized.

Fortunately for us, we were there to take in the atmosphere, to be with the greatest people of whom we love the most, and finding ourselves shooting more of the ‘shooters’ rather than working the gear.

All in the good spirit of fun and the familia – Thank you for the most memorable moments of our lives… HOMERUN!!!

Congrats!!! Yeng & Ade (ilovesnackfood.com)