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Our good friends from Olympus called us some time ago and said that we had some serious testing to do. A new and what I would consider as one of the most ‘hardcore’ top of the line DSLRs they’ve ever produced. Indeed, with that warning in mind, we ripped the streets with total creative freedom in minimal time.

How did we do it?

Use a phone – We buzzed a couple of friends and they rocked as models. We also had behind the scenes crew that offered help from ‘borrowing’ shopping carts, climbing trees, shooting the behind the scenes, hosing down a model and being drenched in water for more than 2 hours!

Use of brains – Given total creative freedom we figured to produce an advertising style image for this ‘monster’ of a camera and since it was still an IP set, we worked our way around a couple of kinks to achieve what you see here.


We geared up with the Olympus E-5, a wide zoom lens, a tele zoom lens and a standard 50mm lens, a tonne of batteries of all sorts, tripods, lighting stands, reflectors, two electronic flashes & a circus troop of friends. We sandwiched ‘the victims / models’ between the lights and messed with the reflector when necessary. Very basic photography with brilliant outcomes!

e-5 diagramOne of our models’ feedback:

“I was the poor victim destined to be drenched. Well, I did agree to it! The shoot is not as easy as it looks for the model cause it was done at night and when they stopped pouring/hosing water on to me, between shots when the photographer was busy previewing his shots, it felt so very cold! Prune looking fingers happen very quickly too and it can look ugly in the picture, so make sure if you do this, make it a short shoot! Keeping your eyes open when there is water being poured on you is very difficult. So, I kept my eyes closed until I was asked to open them, just for the shot. But with eyes closed, it still turned out pretty well!”

A project by: 

Sanjitpaal Singh

Nik Muhammad Hafiz

Ravinder Kaur

Suzane Samy

Sarah Rahman

Mahayon Rosli