Though he has experience working as a travel writer and photographer, he is most passionate about wildlife photography. Interestingly, for years this young photographer did not own a camera of his own. Today he is sponsored by Olympus Malaysia.

A gifted photographer, Sanjit has received much recognition for his artistic work through photography contests such as:

1)      Malaysian Nature Society’s Raptor Watch’s Wildframe Photography Contest 2008

2)      World Lupus Day, Anything Butterfly 2007 (Merit Award)

3)      BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 (Semifinalist)

4)      BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2006 (Semifinalist)

5)      Winner for the best photograph, in the ‘One Earth Award’, The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award 2008, hosted by the National Zoo.



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  1. Lavannia says:

    Very impressive credentials! I will book him any time!

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