Our favorite wildlife photographer, Sanjitpaal Singh has recently been bestowed the honor of being one of the very few people to handle the latest Olympus DSLR E-5, before it hits the Malaysian market.

Due to arrive in November 2010, this camera was put to the test by Sanjit and this time, there were no wildlife involved! Gasp! That’s right. Sanjit attempted something different instead.  All we can say is that there was lots of water and women. Interesting eh? 😉

Here’s a sneak preview to what is upcoming. Stay tuned, we’ll be putting up lots of pictures and reviews on the Olympus E-5. If you want more, make sure you head down to the Kuala Lumpur Photo Fest 29th to 31st October 2010, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, to attend a talk by Sanjit for his reviews on the E-5.



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