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Full Circle Pix (FCP), Sanjitpaal Singh and Nik Muhd Hafiz, along with Applemint Studio’s principle Firmansyah Mohtar, were given the honor of judging the FLORIA Putrajaya 2010 photography competition.

The event took place on the 11th July 2010, with Nik presenting the rules and regulations+ a Q&A session to the participants at 10am. The competition had been open to all Malaysians and the fee was RM 50 / RM20, depending on the category entered. The two categories were; A (Adults) and B (Children). Though the competition entry forms came with an entry fee, the cash prizes, up to RM 5000 for first placing, made it worth the try.

It was a tough competition, as editing the pictures was not allowed & the photographs depended entirely on the skills of those behind the lens.

The judging took place in a closed room between Sanjit, Firman and Nik, alongside with two reps from Putrajaya Corporation. Each deliberated for several hours on the photographs until finally, the winners were selected. A total of 4 hours were spent in that room to reach the final decision.

The winners received their prizes on the 18th July 2010. On behalf of FCP, we would like to say congratulations to all the winners as mentioned below!

Category A

1st A020

1)      Hwong Chang Ching – Champion

2nd A003 2)      Mohd Hamizi bin Ahmad – 1st Runner Up

3rd A0303)      Zulkifli Bin Razali – 2nd Runner Up

Category B1st B014 1)      Amirul Anwar Bin Abu Bakar – Champion

2nd B010 2)      Mohd Shamim Maula Bin Mohd Najmi – 1st Runner Up.

3rd B0253)      Naufal Afiq Bin Nasarudin – 2nd Runner Up.


When approached by The Star Daily to contribute a piece for food styling and photography for their article, we were overwhelmed by the offer. It was pretty last minute and we had to firstly, plan what to shoot and prepare some brief sketches. Then produce a grocery list, and run out to the local supermarkets and hawker stalls to purchase the food.

By the time we had completed that task and returned home, it was already 10pm. The three of us, Nik, myself and Ravin began to test our creativity, by arranging the food in varies ways, using any kinds of props we had. It was a long night, as we explored different angles and different types of food. Ironically, despite being surrounded by food, we remained hungry during our shoot!

Though not all of the pictures were published in the article, we have uploaded them here. Enjoy!

Hats off to the kind people at The Star Daily for publishing our works and we’re hoping to do more exciting shoots!